Thursday, August 17, 2006

The town where I live (Concepcion de Alajuelita, San Jose Costa Rica) is generally a very poor area, with some nice areas. Most of the people are hardworking, and are slowly trying to improve their lives. My first experience with stray dogs occurred when I had only been living here a couple of weeks. I was walking home from the store with my husbands uncle, Mario, and my daughter Alexandra(6) when we saw in the small river near our home, a dog. We moved closer to investigate (all of us avid animal lovers) and to our surprise the dog (of pittbull race) seemed to be paralyzed on the right side of his body and kept falling into the water struggling to walk. Mario climbed down and together we brought him out to get a better idea of what was happening. Just then an older man was walking by and stopped to see if he could assist. He said that the poor suffering animal had been poisoned. While he went to get a homeopathic remedy of powdered milk and lemon juice, we tried to comfort him by petting him and talking to him. When the man returned I held the dogs mouth open while Mario poured in the mixture. After a while the dog vomited some of what the man had said was poison. The man offered to look after him for the night to see if he would improve. Unfortunately, he did not and I decided it best to take him to the vet and end his suffering with euthanasia. We were devastated. The dog had just needed to eat and because of some heartless person he SUFFERED HORRIBLY before he died. Stray dogs are frequently poisoned in Costa Rica and to see such great suffering is unbearably painful. Just the other day I witnessed another dog poisoned, dead and carelessly tossed into the river as if a piece of trash. Very, very sad. My daughter cried, I cried. This personal story is just one of the many I have to share with you, and I will be regularly updating this blog to spread awareness.


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