Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mancha´s Story

Recently, another street dog came into my life. I had seen her a couple of times on the street when I was walking my daughter to school. She was horribly emaciated and it as if she had given birth recently. I didn´t see any puppies around her but a young girl from the neighborhood told me that she has one of her puppies. I believe she was thrown on the street here when her owner found out that she was pregnant. I asked around at the neighbor´s houses but noone claimed her. So I continued to watch her for a couple of months to see if anyone was feeding her. I caught her eating garbage more than a few times. She wasn´t gaining any weight and so I began to feed her. I thankfully gained her trust and she is staying with us now. She is slowly gaining weight and I´ve discovered that she is expecting. I want to find good homes for her pups when they are old enough. We named her Mancha´s, meaning spots or stains. She is white except for a few huge tan spots. She is very sweet and calm, although one of her favorite pastimes is chasing motorcycles. That scared me so I´ve put a metal grating over the fence so she can´t get through the bars.
Throwing dogs on the street is a very common practice here, especially when they are found to be pregnant. Most of the puppies that are born on the streets die before they reach four months of age. The ones that live go on to reproduce. Street dogs are treated by most people here as vermin. Some people purposely try to run them over, and the ones injured by cars are left for dead. They are also poisoned, abandoned, starved, but mostly they´re just ignored. The serious neglect of street dogs here is very difficult to deal with. Neutering and spaying would seriously reduce the population. Almost none of the street dogs are neutered or spayed. To make matters worse the dogs that do have owners are left to wander the street all day long. When the male dogs are in heat the fights are horrible. Sometimes there are seven or eight males fighting over one female. The wounds they get are ghastly and their owners do nothing so they suffer infections and unset broken bones that heal wrong. I try to dress the wounds of the ones that I know but can´t even get close to others. I would like very much one day to have land in the country enabling me to care for many more. My husband and I buy two 60lb. bags of dry food to feed more than eight to ten street dogs a day plus my three dogs. Some of the dogs that come to me have owners but aren´t given a lot of food. Some come to spend the night inside my gate when it is raining heavily, which happens quite often actually.


At 2:34 PM, Blogger Ziomal said...

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At 8:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I Live in Sabana in San Jose, and because I am a dog owner my contempt for Ticos is growing daily.

Most of the dog owners here seem to keep their dogs permanently confined to their property. The "good" dog owners walk their dogs once a week. At least tethering is rare here compared to the countryside. Maybe if they showed the Cesar Millan(The Dog Whisperer) show here people might learn the necessity of exercing their dogs. But maybe they would dismiss anything said by a Mexican.

Another beef I have is that the idea of dogs socializing with each other seems to be an alien concept in this country. My dog is friendly to all dogs-regardless of size or sex. She even "played" once with an aged blind and deaf dog by sniffing and jumping over him repeatedly. A rare event. I'm going to have to get another dog so mine has someone to play with.

At 3:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i stumbled upon you blog while reading up on the 'art' exhibit of the starving dog i nicaragua.

i dont understand why these central emricans are so barbaric and uncivilized.

they give us latin americans such a bad name-but they perpetuate that image.

i just dont understand...

to go out of your way to make anything suffer unnecessarily is...i just dont kno...

anyway, i wish i was a bazillionaire so i kud pick up al these strays and neauter/spay them and feed them...

one day, that may happen. humankind will lose the privelege of enjoying the company of these God-given creatures, and until they're all gone then maybe people will start appreciating them.

in the meantime, carelessness produces overpopulation, and literally helpless creatures are ignored. because of our fault.
humans created the overpopulation of dogs in the first place.

its so sad.

and this cruel world needs more beautiful people like you, not just to care for problems like this one, but to prevent them from happening in the first place.

i will continue reading your blogs and i pray you are blessed with serenity in your heart and the assurance that they suffer here on earth but live in eternal happiness in heaven-and you will see them again.

may God bless you and your family and you are truly and inspiration and someone who chose a beautiful and challenging mission in this lifeetime.

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